We believe nourishment isn’t just eating and drinking, but the overall experience of sharing well-made and thoughtfully sourced food in a warm and inviting place. And to us connection is the real life, in-person stuff: the complex, the hilarious, and the messy. 

For now, we’re a mobile bakeshop specializing in pretzels, cookies, and many other traditionally-crafted treats.  

We also host intimate, tech-free events. (Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more info.)

We’re working on building our permanent home: a contemporary American pub featuring local and seasonal provisions in a completely tech-free environment.


A few years ago, Meghan was a full-time freelance writer, and Ben, an engineer, was going crazy. His partner had become a frantic, tech-addicted mess. When Meghan wasn’t glued to a screen for work, she was crying because she felt so lonely.

One weekend, fed up, Ben suggested, “Why don’t you just take a day away from all of it? From your email and messaging and everything…what if you just turned everything off and took an analog day?”

Meghan, bleary-eyed, looked up from her laptop. “Would you do it with me?” Ben, reluctantly, said yes.

So the next morning we woke up naturally. No alarms, or dings. We spent the morning making breakfast and putzing around the apartment. We sanded and re-upholstered a set of chairs we’d found at a thrift store. We made a huge mid-afternoon meal. We read magazines and made fancy cocktails and sat on our balcony and watched the sunset. It was a beautiful day, and one that ended up being more transformative than we realized.

Slowly over the next year, the idea of taking an analog day blossomed into what a space that prioritized being tech-free would feel like. How would a business like that operate? What type of food would be served? Would people actually respect the space? How could each of us apply our skills and our interests in creating something for Savannah? And slowly the vision for Analog emerged. 

As a couple, we’re just like everyone else. We eat dinner together on the couch while binge-watching stuff on Netflix. We get lost in Instagram more often than we’d like to admit. We get caught up in the social media insecurity comparison game, because it’s basically impossible not to sometimes.

But we’ve also come to appreciate the joy of disconnection. We know there’s a peace that comes from being somewhere remote, when we’re allowed to step away from our computer for a few days. We know the pleasure of our phone dying when we don’t expect it to, and how it’s actually really thrilling not to be responsible to it for a while.

Most importantly, we know the magic that comes when you’re with people and you look around and realize no one’s lost in a device. They’re present, looking you in the eye, responding to your stories or your struggles. They care to hear what you have to say, and they actually take the time to respond, and suddenly you feel so seen and so human.

Analog is our dream because we care about nurturing connection between people, including us and all of you. Despite all the electronic means we have to communicate these days, the world can be a lonely place without coffee dates with friends or a night out with a partner.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide a space for those moments, and we’re really glad Ben had that idea for an analog day all those years back.

Meghan is our baker, minivan driver, and marketing director. She loves fermented things, growing stuff, and mornings.
Benjamin is an engineer by day and Analog’s designer, emergency handyman, and pretzel enthusiast by night… and weekends.